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16 Jan 2017

Excel Electrical are your first choice as commercial electrical contractors in Wolverhampton.
Whatever business you are in, electricity is essential to providing your goods or services to your customers. Having a safe and fully functioning electrical infrastructure plays a major part in ensuring you meet customer demands.


A power failure and electrical problems will, at best, disrupt part of your day. For a company who depends on their electricity systems for keeping temperatures consistent, a production line going, or to power the tools and equipment for their work. Problems with your electrics could prove to be costly. We are commercial electrical contractors in Wolverhampton with the expertise to help you avoid any of these issues.


For All Types of Commercial Electrical Contracting

We can design and fit all aspects of electrical systems to new commercial premises. Whether you are a large commercial property developer, building a new out of town retail park, or someone opening a small independent boutique on the high street. We can install your wiring, sockets, lighting, security systems and more.
Being commercial electrical contractors in Wolverhampton, we have a proven record of delivering power and lighting design to businesses across the West Midlands. Pubs, restaurants, and shops in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, and the surrounding areas, have all benefited from our expertise.
Our fault finding and repair service will recognise potential issues and counter them before they become a big problem. We can undertake a full or partial rewiring of your business premises, install indoor and outdoor lighting, or set up networking devices and systems in your offices.


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When you need a commercial electrical contractor in Wolverhampton, get in touch with us at Excel Electrical Contractors. For repairs and electrical installation work to your commercial premises, we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote. Call 01902 374831 today.