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Office Lighting Transformation with LED Lights

11 Mar 2019

Office lighting is an important factor in providing a work environment which is conducive to productivity while also being a pleasant place for employees to be. With 68% of workers complaining about the lighting levels in their offices, it’s time for business owners to reconsider their businesses lighting situation. This essential component is often overlooked in the workplace and needs to be carefully planned to meet the demands of different working scenarios within an office.

Blue and cooler light is best suited to brainstorming rooms because office lighting with a higher colour temperature (4,600k or more) has the effect of energising and invigorating.

Meeting rooms, especially ones where you might be talking to a client require a warmer yellow hue as lower temperatures (up to 3,000k) have the effect of making people feel more relaxed and open.

Mid tones of light are suited to conference rooms where a balance between making people feel comfortable yet alert enough to foster contributions (3,100k to 4,100k)

Having good office lighting is beneficial to the overall health of employees. Good lighting which is fit for purpose reduces fatigue and eye strain and boosts vitality. It can even be a contributory factor in improving mental health and well being within the workforce.

LED Office Lighting Refurbishments

Excel Electrical Contractors in Stafford have been carrying out numerous LED office lighting installations as part of refurbishments up and down the country. So why are businesses making the switch to LED lighting. Tim Cowling, Excel Electrical Contractors proprietor explains, “Changing lighting from old style cat2 switched start fittings to latest LED panels saves money with running costs and future maintenance cost as LED lighting has a much longer life over all other types of lighting and is almost maintenance free.”

Light emitting diodes emanate a more consistent and brighter light level, without the flickering and energy loss through heat associated with conventional bulbs.

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