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Electricians in Stafford Maintain Security

24 Jan 2019

Electricians in Stafford Excel Electrical can help you add another layer of security to your property with CCTV installation.

If you don’t know much about how we install CCTV systems, here we will provide you with a guide of how it all works.

Firstly, our team at Excel Electrical will be required to visit your property and from carrying out a survey, we can then recommend the CCTV that fits your business and your budget.As well as delivering for businesses, our electricians in Stafford also provide the same quality service for domestic properties.

Electricians in Stafford’s Guide to Installing CCTV

Here’s our step by step guide to how Excel Electrical will install CCTV in your property

• Choose your cameras locations – remember to avoid pointing your cameras at direct light sources as this will diminish image quality; but at the same time you will need to make sure sufficient lighting is available in locations of cameras

• Cables are crucial – For each camera location we will ensure your cables are connected between your camera and the location of your control equipment.

• Light’s power action – We will then ensure there’s power to both your cameras, DVR and monitor and they are all connected to the same power supply

• Make sure you’re recording – Connecting your monitor to your DVR and testing it will show the CCTV is working.

Our team here at Excel Electrical are experts at providing CCTV solutions for a host of different customers, working on a starters 720P CCTV kit to more complex systems.

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