Commercial LED Lighting Installation in a warehouse

Commercial LED Lighting Installation Experts

01 Feb 2019

When a warehouse and distribution centre in Wolverhampton needed its lights changing. The business turned to commercial LED lighting installation experts at Excel Electrical. The decision was taken to upgrade to a series of LED lights so that the company would benefit in many ways.

Tim Cowling, the proprietor of Excel Electrical Contractors explains:

“A company in Wolverhampton gave us the task to improve their shop floor and warehouse lighting but were also very keen on energy efficiency. LED lighting has improved so much over the last few years, giving much better light levels, energy efficiency and cost effective solutions to upgrade existing inefficiency of old style lighting.”

Commercial LED Lighting Installation in Stafford and Wolverhampton

Within the warehouse and shop floor areas a new commercial LED Lighting installation scheme was implemented. This type of lighting improved the LUX levels with the light emitting diodes discharging a consistent and brighter level of illumination. Older lighting schemes can flicker and distribute light unevenly. The high bay solution brought in by Excel Electrical reduced light wastage by directing light consistently because of the reflectors and optics in the system.

LED lighting is more efficient because no energy is wasted as heat. Being virtually maintenance free, the LED is also very robust and can last up to ten times longer than florescent bulbs. All of this adds up to improving the energy consumption of the business and reducing bills.

Tim Cowling adds, “We designed the new lighting system to give the correct LUX levels required and also maximised energy was carried out in several stages over the past few months to limit disruption for our client.”

Professional commercial LED lighting installation is ideal for warehouses, office lighting, retail, schools and colleges, industrial lighting and both indoor and outdoor situations.

Commercial LED Lighting Installation from Excel Electrical

Do you require the services of a professionally accredited commercial electrical contractor in Stafford? Excel Electrical are an NICEIC approved electrical contractor with an impressive portfolio of projects in Stafford, Wolverhampton and across the UK. Highly experienced in commercial LED lighting installation, and all other aspects of electrical installations and testing for businesses. Contact us today for further information and to get a quote.