Electrical Contractors Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas Electrical Safety Tips by Excel Electrical Contractors

05 Dec 2016

Christmas and New Year is a busy time of year. Full of excitement, we like to bring lights and decorations to cheer our homes and workplaces. Excel Electrical Contractors has useful electrical safety tips to avoid accidents this Christmas.


Christmas Electrical Safety Guidance by Excel Electrical Contractors


Forward planning and reducing risks are key to safety.

When decorating the outside of your home or business, make sure the lighting you use is intended for the outdoors. They need to be connected via a 30mA RCD protected socket. Here at Excel Electrical Contractors, we can install outdoor sockets to your premises.

For both indoor and outdoor lights, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Check for loose or damaged cables before switching them on. Make sure all lights are working before use. If they’re not, do not attempt to repair them yourself, it’s better to buy a new set.

If a bulb fails on your fairy lights during the Christmas season, switch them off to avoid overheating. Only replace bulbs with the same type, if in doubt, buy a new set.
Don’t overload sockets, this is a fire risk. Always switch Christmas lights off when going to bed, or going out.

Never put decorations and cards close to sources of heat like electrical fires and light fittings.

ROSPA says that falls are the most common accidents. Avoid trailing electrical cables, this is a trip hazard. Poor lighting on stairs and steps could create an accident too. Our fully qualified, experienced electrical contractors can install new lighting in your home or business.


Avoid Electrical Dangers this Christmas with Excel Electrical Contractors

We all want to enjoy the festive period but it is important to be careful with electrical lights and decorations this Christmas. If you require electrical installation in your home or business, such as outdoor electrical sockets and more, please contact us.