Electrical Contractors in Stafford and Electrical Safety at Christmas Time

25 Nov 2018

Being electrical contractors in Stafford we know the importance of being safe around anything involving electricity. This time of year we like to brighten our homes and workplaces with additional lights, decorations and there will be plenty of electrical powered gifts being delivered by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! Amongst all the fun and festivities, it is important to take a moment’s thought to ensure everyone is safe around lighting, decorations and electrical appliances.

Electrical Contractors in Stafford Encourage you to Stay Safe

Your Christmas lights will have been boxed and stored away for nearly twelve months. Always unravel them and test them before putting them up. If the cables are showing signs of wear or there is a problem with any of the bulbs and connections, don’t take any chances and get a new set.

Switch lights and decorations off when you go to bed or when your business is closed. This will stop overheating and the risk of fire.

Don’t over load sockets and take care with trailing cables, they are a trip hazard.

With many of us receiving items like mobile phones, laptops and tablets and other battery powered toys as presents. Don’t leave them to charge on beds and soft furnishings. They can overheat and ignite. Only charge these items when you are in attendance and on hard, flat surface, and don’t overcharge.

It’s the season to party and according to Electrical Safety First, over 650,000 house fires have been started by electrical beauty products like hair straighteners being left switched on. Make sure any of these items are unplugged and cooled before you leave for a fun evening!

Electrical Contractors in Stafford for Domestic and Commercial Installations

Excel Electrical Contractors are expert NICEIC accredited electrical contractors in Stafford. We serve commercial and industrial clients with all types of electrical installation work. We can plan, fit and test your external and internal electrical infrastructure to ensure your business operates safely. Whether you are planning a light display for your workplace this festive time and need external sockets fitting, or you have plans to expand your premises in 2019. We are here for all your commercial electrical requirements.

Likewise, if you are a domestic customer looking for a highly skilled and qualified electricians to rewire a property or add electrics to an extension in the New Year, please contact us.

In the meantime, we wish you a Happy Christmas from everyone at Excel Electrical Contractors.